By transforming the businesses, organizations, and institutions that touch the lives of every person in our community.

The Key?

Growing leaders who have the head and heart for leading well and doing good.


Join us in shaping the Catawba Valley into a community where people thrive.

Welcome to Catawba Valley Leadership Foundation

Better leaders make for a better community.

The CVLF is a 501(c)3 non-profit that exists to promote outstanding leadership throughout the Catawba Valley.  Simply put, we strive to make this community stronger via stronger leaders.  To this end, we provide leadership development for community leaders of non-profit, civic, religious, and educational organizations.

Meet the team

We are very blessed to work with the caliber of personnel at the Foundation. The partnership has allowed me to duplicate myself to invest in those that direct the culture of our ministry. Chuck has provided leadership coaching and development for our team members through weekly discussions and one-on-one coaching and I am excited about the alignment and cohesiveness that we’ve experienced as a result.

Vicki Murray, Safe Harbor

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The Annual Conference

Each year The Foundation hosts a leadership conference – a half-day experience designed to inform, inspire, and raise the leadership temperature of our community.

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Leaders’ Roundtable

The Leaders' Roundtable expands our work to leaders in business and the for-profit world in order to create strong connections among leaders and to promote a culture of leadership excellence.

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Strong Student Leadership

The Foundation invests in the lives high school students to help them clarify their identity, discover their strengths, and set themselves up for future success as they prepare for life beyond high school.

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Leaders’ Roundtable

The Leaders' Roundtable gathers every-other-month for development and collaboration.

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The Annual Conference

The Foundation partners with local businesses and organizations to host the 2024 Catawba Valley Leadership Conference -- a half-day experience designed to inform, inspire, and raise the leadership temperature of our community. Our next annual conference is slated for March 15, 2024. Stay tuned!

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Legacy Leaders Gathering

The unofficial advisory board for The Foundation gathers quarterly for discernment and encouragement.

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