We take care of this corner of the world.

How? By developing, supporting, and cultivating strong leadership throughout our community.

The Quality of Life in a community is directly connected to the Quality of Leadership in the community.

Who’s Responsible for the quality of life in a community? Not one person, organization, team, business, or family. Instead, each person is responsible for their corner of the community. A leader is someone who takes responsibility for their corner of the community. For a community to thrive, we need strong leaders – men and women who are driven to bring about positive change by taking responsibility of their corner of the world.


We strengthen the leaders in our community in three specific ways:

1. Seeds

We help students get started on the leadership journey.

Today’s students are tomorrow’s parents, neighbors, employees, employers, and citizens.

Because we want a strong tomorrow, we invest in today’s students to help them get strong in their identity, their relationships, and their vocation.

2. Support

We support leaders who serve our community.

Leadership is challenging, especially when you serve in a non-profit, a school, or a church.

Because today’s unsung leaders need the same level of support and development as the most successful business leader, we provide executive coaching, training, board development, and strategic planning services to dozens of non-profits throughout the area.

3. Movement

We are starting a movement of leaders.

For our community to be truly strong, we need more than a handful of people leading here and there.

Because we need a culture of leadership throughout the community, we host events such as the annual Catawba Valley Leadership Conference to help mobilize and motivate hundreds of leaders.

The movement is strong and growing stronger!


Our funding comes from the businesses, leaders, and families like you who want to help our community thrive.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all financial support is tax-deductible. To donate, click here

To talk with us about becoming a supporter, please contact us today.

We also welcome support beyond finances: word-of-mouth that generates awareness for who we are and what we do, prayer from people of faith, and partnership and collaboration from like-minded individuals and organizations.

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