The Vision


We make life better for every person living in the Catawba Valley.

How? By developing, supporting, and cultivating strong leadership throughout our community.

Leaders are the ones who make a community great – or don’t. These men and women shape the businesses, families, schools, institutions, and movements that shape the quality of life for everybody else. Strong leaders produce a positive quality of life. Meanwhile, struggling leaders result in a community that languishes.

For a community to thrive, we need strong leaders – men and women who are driven by meaning and purpose and who are capable of bringing about positive change.


At CVLF, we strengthen the leaders in our community in three specific ways:

1. Support

We support strong leaders.
Leading is not easy, even for mature, seasoned leaders. We provide coaching, networking, and guidance for the strong leaders who are making a positive impact through non-profits, schools, and community organizations.

Example: The Executive Director who makes Safe Harbor Rescue Mission a force for good in our community receives ongoing coaching and team development to help her stay strong, maintain focus, and increase organizational effectiveness.

2. Develop

We develop transitioning leaders.
Some leaders are still growing into the role. They are transitioning from being merely in the position of leading to being a truly strong leader. We help them develop the identity, purpose, and capacity for leading boldly and making a powerful impact in our community.

Example: We host monthly Leadership Labs, which are small cohorts of leaders who are dedicated to growing stronger, developing depth, and increasing their impact for good.

3. Cultivate

We cultivate emerging leaders.
The journey toward being a strong leader starts with being a strong person. You have to be responsible for yourself before you can bear the responsibility of influencing others. We plant the seeds for great leadership by providing training and mentoring for students and young professionals who are early in the leadership journey.

Example: A cohort of strong students at Newton-Conover High School receive weekly training and mentoring to help them develop a strong sense of self and purpose as well as key insights for living a strong life.


While our sister organization StrongLead, LLC focuses on strengthening leaders in business, we focus on strengthening leaders everywhere else: civic and community, non-profits, schools, public service, and emerging leaders. To learn more about our services to the leaders and organizations that help shape our community, click here.


Our funding comes from the businesses and leaders in our community who want to help our community thrive. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, all financial support is tax-deductible. To donate, click here. 

To talk with us about becoming a sustaining supporter, please contact us today.

We also welcome support beyond finances: word-of-mouth that generates awareness for who we are and what we do, prayer from people of faith, and partnership and collaboration from like-minded individuals and organizations.

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Leaders’ Roundtable

The Leaders' Roundtable gathers every-other-month for development and collaboration.

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The Annual Conference

The Foundation partners with local businesses and organizations to host the 2020 Catawba Valley Leadership Conference -- a half-day experience designed to inform, inspire, and raise the leadership temperature of our community.

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Legacy Leaders Gathering

The unofficial advisory board for The Foundation gathers quarterly for discernment and encouragement.

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